Payette Party Bus Destination Ideas

Some of our customers favorite dining options in Payette.

A Guide to Payette, Idaho's local dining scene.

What an illustrious history this area has. Originally named Boomerang, logs came floating down the river to the town's sawmills in order to produce railroad ties. Today, the beauty of the area is unsurpassed and the great views can be enjoyed from any number of wonderful and unique dining establishments.

Salsa Grill

501 N 16th Suite 101
Payette, ID 83661
(208) 642-6123

You will not believe the tasty dishes that await you at this very fine establishment. There is a very good variety and you really can't go wrong with the shredded beef, chicken, pork or the crab and shrimp. Many patrons rave about the Chimi Del Mar. Whatever you end up ordering, you are going to enjoy every second in this phenomenal atmosphere which will put you at ease. The prices are very reasonable which means you can still order dessert. And speaking of dessert, do not neglect to order their terrific fried ice cream.

Mandarin Restaurant

136 South Main Street
Payette, ID 83661-2521
(208) 642-3567

If you have been seeking truly authentic Chinese cuisine, this is the place you need to be. Many refer to the entrees that are served here as comfort on a plate. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is always fresh and flavorful. Their signature dishes are what you would expect, Mandarin Chicken, chow mein and sweet and sour pork. But the quality level has been raised by the staff at this venue. The staff is also very friendly and truly know what they are doing and their first priority is the satisfaction of the customer.

Jimbo's Restaurant

107 Main Street North
Payette, ID 83661
(208) 642-9988

Talk about plenty of food to fill you up. Feel free to keep stuffing yourself here until you can't take anymore. And that is exactly how you will feel because all of the food served here is absolutely scrumptious. Something else you can always count on here is the staff. They are extremely polite and always attentive to your needs. The owners are actually from China so they know whereof they speak and operate. The desserts are not large but they are the perfect complement to your filling meal.

Tacos Durango Mexican Grill

501 N 16th Street
Payette, ID 83661
(208) 642-5232

Have some great fun at this special establishment as you design and create your own meal. And that means creating your own soft taco. All of the ingredients they use here are absolutely the freshest that they can be. They also have wonderful tamales but truly we cannot say enough about the soft tacos. As an added bonus, there are several dessert options available to you that you are going to want to sample. This is a must visit and a very special experience.

The Hideaway Grill

1630 3rd Ave S
Payette, ID 83661
(208) 642-4433

When the locals highly recommend a venue, then it is always a good thing to pay attention to that recommendation. Locals have been frequenting and enjoying this establishment for years. And for good reason. There is a wide variety of food on the menu including some of the best burgers you will find anywhere. We also highly recommend the fish sandwich. And if you are a breakfast fan, you are going to fall in love with the breakfast options they offer. The staff is very warm and friendly and we promise you will not be disappointed in your experience at this down home place.

Payette ARTIC Circle

500 S 16th Street
Payette, ID 83661-3356
(208) 642-1038

It is all about the burgers at this fine establishment. We understand that there are burgers and there are amazing burgers. And what you will find when you visit this venue is the later. But we have more good news. If you are not feeling like a burger when you visit, there are other options including their delicious halibut. To wash your meal down, you have to order one of their amazing milk shakes, so yummy. And you will smile when you look at the prices. There is truly nothing like visiting a place where you will have nothing to complain about.