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Some of our and our customers favorite dining options in Middleton.

A Guide to Middleton, Idaho's local dining scene.

The oldest settlement in Canyon County, Middleton has a history spanning all the way back to the heydays of the Oregon Trail. With a modest population of 5,700, Middleton offers a classic American small-town feel.

Garbonzo’s Pizza

206 E Main St
Middleton, ID 83644

Garbonzo’s has one of the best everything pizzas in all of Idaho. With huge tomato slices and tons of black olives, it’s enough to feed the entire family, and some. Their garlic bread, aka Monkey Bread, has the right amount of kick without needing to give you bad breath. For a great sandwich, the Santa Fe chicken never disappoints, and to keep with the Italian theme, the meatball sub is excellent. If you're looking for some lighter fare, don't miss out on their fresh salads too!

The Sunrise Cafe

200 E Main St
Middleton, ID 83644

With a three-item special for only $5, the Sunrise Cafe is great to start the day. For a heartier option, the California Burger is stunning. Slathered in guacamole and covered in Monterey Jack cheese, it’s sure to fill you up. Best off all, you can choose between a chicken or steak burger. They have killer onion rings too, so there’s no excuse for ordering the fries for a side. The restaurant is sparkling clean, and the experienced waitstaff has customer service down to a T.

Jim’s Burger Den

308 W Main St
Middleton, ID 83644

Jim’s Burger Den is the number one place for some of the most formidable burgers in the Boise area. The jalapeño burger is amazing, and it isn’t all that spicy, so order it up for a little kick. Jim’s also has one of the best veggie burgers around. Even diehard carnivores can appreciate it. They’re also really good with desert, serving a variety of shakes and banana splits. The ambiance here is nothing over the top, but they focus on speedy service and a welcoming waitstaff.

Casa Mexico

517 S Middleton Rd
Middleton, ID 83644

Casa Mexico excels at chili. Whether it’s the Chile Verde or the Chili Colorado, Casa Mexico knows how to warm their guests up. Smothered in guacamole and their signature sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, tomatoes and onions, the Expresso Burrito is the best option on their menu. And they aren’t afraid to tell you that. While it’s not the most authentic Mexican place (they do serve burgers after all), there’s no denying the quality and freshness of their food.