Garden City Party Bus Destination Ideas/

Some of our and our customers favorite dining options in Garden City.

A Guide to Garden City, Idaho's local dining scene.

Gaining its name from the gardens early Chinese immigrants erected in the city, Garden City is brimming with art. In modern times, hundreds of artists have flocked to the area. The influx of artist has resulted in numerous art galleries and a vibrant arts district along the city’s southern corridor.

Uncle Giuseppe’s

6826 Glenwood St
Garden City, ID 83714

If you’re looking for a little taste of New York in Garden City, Uncle Giuseppe’s is the place to go to. With huge sandwiches and crispy, rich bread, this deli is a hidden gem in Garden City. Their meatball sub is out of this world and paired with one of their signature soups, you’ll be leaving here with a full belly. The ambiance is great, bright red walls and table cloths surround the terrace-style seating, and you'll never find a more friendly and accommodating staff.

Crooked Fence Barrelhouse

5181 N Glenwood St
Garden City, ID 83714

Specializing in just plain old good food, there’s a little something for everybody at the Crooked Fence. The bangers and mash are always a great choice. The gravy and onions they smother the mashed potatoes in is five-star quality, and the bangers are just the right amount of greasy. The also whip up great salads here, so there’s something for the health-conscious as well. With the unfinished wood decor, from the walls to the seating, makes for a great ambiance.

Sofia’s Greek Bistro

6748 N Glenwood St
Garden City, ID 83714

Be sure to arrive on an empty stomach, because their portions are gigantic. Their signature burger is the Mighty Zeus, a huge serving of lamb with a slice, not chunks, of Greek feta on top. Of course, they know how to make awesome baklava. It’s always french, not too sweet and has just the right amount of crunch. With beautiful blue walls and chairs and Greek artwork adorning the walls, the ambiance here sets the mood!

Stagecoach Inn Restaurant & Lounge

3132 W Chinden Blvd.
Garden City, ID 83714

Stagecoach is known for their excellent deep-fried prawns. They’re huge and have just the perfect amount of breading. Still, they know how to do steak. Whether the prime ribs or the grilled T-bone, the steak here is marvelous. The atmosphere here is cozy. Thanks to the huge wooden chairs and the strong drinks they’re known for, you’ll definitely be cozy at Stagecoach the Inn.