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Some of our and our customers favorite dining options in Eagle.

A Guide to Eagle, Idaho's local dining scene.

Just 20 minutes from Boise, Eagle is experiencing rapid growth, and for good reason. The city offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Idaho. With its tree-lined sidewalks and mountain scenery in the background, Eagle is gorgeous in the fall. The downtown area is perfect for night out and is home to numerous restaurants, bars and storefronts.

Bella Aquila

775 S Rivershore Ln
Eagle, ID 83616

A family owned Italian restaurant that serves some of the best meat shanks around, Bella Aquila is the place to go for a hearty meal. From their lamb shank to the veal shank, you can’t find tenderer meat in Eagle than Bella’s. They’re also great at seafood. The seafood risotto is incredibly fresh, and their Salmon Special with oysters and huge green beans will wow you. The owner plays an active role in the restaurants daily goings-on, so expect a very welcoming atmosphere from the time you walk in.


190 E State St
Eagle, ID 83616

If you love a good salad, daVinci’s Italian is one of the best options in the Boise area. Their house special bottomless salad comes with every entree, and all the ingredients from the croutons to the tomatoes are so fresh you’d think they have a garden out back. For a heartier meal, go with the Italian nachos or the Tortellini Alfredo. They’re sure to fill you up. The desserts here are incredibly rich. If it’s your first time, definitely finish your meal off with their Tiramisu, one of the most beautiful dishes in the area.

Ahi Sushi Bar

1193 E Winding Creek Dr
Eagle, ID 83616

For a great sushi restaurant with amazing martinis, be sure to check out Ahi. Their poke martini is pretty unusual, but it’s certainly amazing. It’s brimming with cubed mango, golden caviar and topped with ogonori, a type of salted Japanese seaweed, along with other goodies like ahi tuna. A weird combination for sure, but it’s good until the last drop. For sushi, crowd favorites are their signature crunchy roll and the Hokkigai Nigiri with clam.

Fiesta Guadalajara

3210 E Chinden Blvd Ste 100
Eagle, ID 83616

Fiesta Guadalajara is a family owned Mexican restaurant specializing in pan-fried dishes. Their fajitas are a must try, especially their signature Fiesta Fajita. It comes packed with steak, chicken and shrimp along with standard fajita vegetables. Everything from the sauce to the onion slices on this dish are cooked to perfection. If it wasn’t for the smoking hot pan they serve it on, you’d want to lick the plate clean. Adorned with Mexican art, the ambiance in this place is stellar.