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Now, this is one of those searches that we know the bride is not going to mind at all. It is something that is needed to accentuate your amazing gown, hairdo, makeup and tan. You need some very special jewelry to wear as you walk down the aisle. And we know that you are not arguing with us right now. This search is going to be for what we like to call heirloom jewelry. You will enjoy it many times after your big day, but for right now you are going to be looking for the perfect pieces to go with your amazing bridal gown. Of course, you need to know the rules that apply to wedding jewelry and that means finding a very knowledgeable consultant at a jewelry store that you trust. Do not leave this choice to chance, take your time and visit a few jewelry stores in the Boise area to see what they can provide to you in the way of not just inventory but also expertise. Here is a guide that we have put together for you so that you will understand what you are looking for and what you need to discuss with each consultant.

Find some jewelry stores in the Boise area that you think are worth checking out. You can use the world wide web by doing a Google search for “jewelry stores in the Boise area.” You can also ask your family, friends and coworkers whether they have dealt with any area jewelry stores that they would recommend. And don't forget about your wedding vendors that you have already hired, they should be able to point you in the right direction. You should be able to accumulate at least 3 to 5 names from these sources that are worthy of visiting. As you venture to each jewelry store, have a picture of your wedding dress with you. Talk about the shade of your wedding dress and the shade of the metal of each piece of jewelry that you look at. A knowledgeable consultant should be able to advise you as to the rules of what goes with what. Talk about the complexity of your dress as well. This usually is a factor in determining what kind of jewelry you purchase as well. Now you can see why we stress that the store must have consultants that have experience and who are knowledgeable.

Even the shape of your jewelry will be determined by the style of your wedding gown. Have a discussion with each consultant about this issue as well. Also, ask each consultant about what you should not wear. For instance, many experts advise brides to be that they never wear any kind of bracelet on their special day. Just imagine if your bracelet snagged on your dress and did a tremendous amount of damage. You would be absolutely heart broken. You will also want to inform each consultant as to what accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day. A good example is a headpiece. What you wear on your head determines what you should or should not wear on your neck. Another thing you have probably not thought of is what time your wedding is going to be. Believe it or not, weddings that happen in the morning call for different jewelry than weddings in the afternoon or in the evening. We hope this helps you with insight into the wedding jewelry business, find a knowledgeable consultant and they will help you with your final choices.