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Wedding Hair Stylists

Choosing a hair stylist perfect to do your hair for your wedding is always a difficult decision. There are so many factors you need to take into account. What we have done is assemble this easy how to guide to make sure you are hiring the best stylist for your tastes and what to look for in a salon. Read it through and if you listen to the tips and advice we provide you with you will be sure to find a stylist you are very happy with.

The place in which you will want to begin is the same way you likely found us, load up your favorite search engine and begin looking for wedding hair stylists in your area, or in the area in which your wedding ceremony will be taking place. Sounds simple enough, right? Well that is only the beginning of the process so don't get cocky quite yet. I mean look how much more there is left to read. Anyway, now starts the accumulation process. Decide on how you personally will be able to best organize, all the information you are about to take in. You can now go through all potential leads and do a quick pass fail grade on them based on the initial information you come across. This should help you weed out the bad options without much effort. If the pictures of their work doesn't jive with your tastes, they have valid bad reviews or their business doesn't appear very professional you know you can discount them without delving any further into them. What you will be left with is a list of good options worth looking into.

Now it is time to start eliminating until you get down to the best. Search directly for their business and see what others say about them. The ones you still like can be the ones you start calling or emailing to see if they are available and what they charge. If a hair stylist is out of your price range or is already booked then you will know to check them off your list. You will need to further inquire about the remaining stylists on your list. Ask questions like, where did you learn to do hair?, how long have you been doing hair?, are you fully certified as required by the state?, will you travel out to where I will be or will I need to travel to the salon? You should go and visit the salon. Look around and feel out the vibe. Is the salon clean? Do they sanitize utensils after each client. Are the staff members polite? Are the stylists dressed presentably. If a salon and staff are sloppy there work is likely to be sloppy as well. Even if the stylist is traveling to you it is a good idea to check out their place of work.

Next up is to schedule trials with your favorite three stylists. This is when you go to the stylist and they style your hair as you will have them do it on your wedding day. A quality hair stylist will be able to identify your needs and do everything in their power to ensure they give you the look you desire. A good stylist will correct anything that you are not satisfied. Often times this service will be done either for free or at a reduced cost. If you find the hair stylist to be charging full price for this service it very well may be a sign that you should perhaps be looking elsewhere. However, it could be that they are actually so good that they can get away with it, so you will have to use your own judgment here.

Your final task will be officially booking the hair stylist for your big day. The hair stylist might require from you a down payment, this is highly likely, and have a contact to go over and have you sign. Should this be the case you will want to make sure you actually read through the contract, which is a good rule of thumb always, if you are unclear on anything contained in the contract bring it up to the stylist and make sure you come to an agreement before putting pen to paper. Choosing a hairstylist can be difficult. We hope you have found this handy article has helped you get on the path of crossing yet another task off your list allowing you to move on to the next. Assuming you heed our advice finding a hair stylist will be an easy task. Checking transportation and hair stylist off your to do list will be a huge load off, there are still other aspects to account for but it's progress none the less.