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The biggest day of your life is on the horizon now that the big question has been popped and the answer given was yes. You and your fiance are officially off and running on your wedding season and that means a lot of plans to make. Your first decision will be related to your wedding invitation. Should you or should you not hire a professional calligrapher to make out your invitation and your envelopes? Our answer to that question is absolutely you should. You need to realize that your invitation sets the tone for your wedding day. Think about what it will be like for your guests to go to the mailbox and pull out something that is beautifully hand written in an ancient art form. And it is addressed to them no less. In this day and age of printed forms, someone thought something was special enough to have it hand addressed. It announces to your guests that they are important. And even though many people consider this hire to be a luxury item, the way in which is enhances everything is truly priceless. And one side benefit of hiring a professional calligrapher is that they know all of the etiquette in terms of how things should be addressed. Do you want to take the time and make the effort to look all of the rules up? So, all of this discussion means you need a true professional for your calligraphy needs. The Boise area has numerous calligraphers operating in the area, but you need to make sure that you find the perfect fit for your needs and your style. We have put together this guide for just that reason, these words of wisdom should lead you to the calligrapher of your dreams.

So, you need some candidates to interview for your wedding position. We suggest that you start by making use of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Boise area.” This should provide you with numerous candidates to look at. Start clicking on the links and checking out their websites, especially their online portfolios. When you see any calligraphers that you are drawn to, write down their name and contact information. Start asking your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever hired a calligrapher or have ever seen any calligraphy that absolutely blew them out of the water. Another source you could try are your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. See if they have any contacts in the calligraphy field that they feel would be worth talking to.

You will want to sit down with each quality candidate that you come up with and have a chat about your wedding needs. Have a discussion about what meshes with your style. Are you have a traditional very formal wedding? If so, then a classical formal style of lettering might be a great choice for you. We could go on and on about style but basically you want to make sure that you ask each candidates opinion about what they think might go with your style and the theme of your wedding. How much turnaround would they need? This could be very important depending on how far out you are from your actual wedding date. Calligraphers usually take about two weeks to finish your invitation and envelopes but that number could vary depending on a number of factors including other clients ahead of you and the complexity of what you want. Ask each candidate to show you samples of past work. Do you like their styles? Do you like what you see in terms of their talent and skill? Can you see them making out your invitations? How much will their service cost you? Calligraphy take a very high level of skill keep that in mind when you are considering professional calligraphers. Because of this, they will cost you more than it would be to print your invitations printed. Take all of this pertinent information that you have gathered from each candidate and make your final decision.