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Being in charge of the organization of an event or party can be a very stressful position to be in. What will the attendees of your party find entertaining? Sometimes, that can be difficult to gauge. Whether the part that you're hosting is for a corporate outing, a child's birthday party, a family reunion, or an end-of-the-season party for a softball team, it's tricky to say what will be received the best. It's often difficult to maintain the attention of party-goers for more than a few minutes, so what is the best option in order to receive the best reception? In this writer's opinion, hiring a magician would be a fantastic option for the entertainment of your upcoming party or event. Magicians are a fantastic option as the entertainment because they are entertaining, engaging, and above-all: they are versatile.

Magicians are fantastic. They are trained, skilled professionals who have access to a secretive set of skills that can not be emulated without proper training. This is a great quality for the entertainment for your party because whatever gets the people in attendance more focused on the entertainer, and consequently gets them talking excessively about the act, the better. Even if the guests in attendance feel like they have seen it all as far as magic goes, magicians always have a few more tricks up their sleeves (and that's the only thing they have up their sleeves) that will leave your audience in awe and begging for more.

Magicians are also great party entertainment because they are spectacularly engaging. A magician's act usually demands audience participation, for many reasons. Many times, the trick will be intended so that the audience knows what the magician doesn't know, such as a member of the audience picking a random card out of a deck of cards, and presenting it to the audience. This gets all of the audience on the same page—the same “team.” This is another reason that hiring a magician for a team-building event or corporate outing is a good idea: it not only builds morale, but it develops a bond between the members of the audience.

Perhaps the biggest draw of a magician, though, is how versatile they are in their performances. A magician can be hired for a big, event where everyone is separated and in small groups, such as a big, family picnic at a park, or at a banquet event with separate tables. This way, the magician can go around to the separate groups and perform a personal show for each specific group. If the group is smaller, and if you have a stage area set up, you can have the magician perform a show for the whole group, and if it's someone's birthday, then the magician can focus a part of their set on that person in particular.

Magicians are a great, fun, engaging, and family-friendly oriented form of entertainment and are a safe bet for any type of party you're planning.