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Boise Face Painters

Are you looking for a fun, creative, and unique form of entertainment to have at your upcoming children's party or event? A great option for you would be to hire a face-painting service! Face-painting services are exciting, affordable, and above-all, they are fun! With all of the different possibilities for designs, characters, and animals, everyone in attendance at your party or event will have something to get excited about—even the parents! After hiring a face-painter, you'll find that nearly everyone at the party will end up with face paint on.

The really great thing about face painting is the sheer amount of possibilities. A child could get their face painted like a tiger or an elephant, or they could get their face painted like their favorite cartoon characters, like Spongebob Squarepants, or as one of the Minions from 'Despicable Me.' You could also show your team pride by getting a full-face color design of your favorite sports team, such as the Idaho Steelheads or the Boise State Broncos. If getting a full-face design isn't for you, though, you could always get a small cheek design, and the possibilities grow even more! You could get the Autobot or Decepticon logos from Transformers on your cheek, or you could get a heart. The great thing about face-painters is that they are professionally trained and they are artists as much as they are entertainers. Anything that your heart desires is possible, so if you make a special request and explain in detail what you want, any face-painter will be willing to accommodate and make your idea come to life!

Face-painting is great for themed parties, such as superhero-themed parties. Each child could get their face painted as their favorite hero. Another good option for a themed party utilizing a face-painting service would be a Halloween party. Children and adults could get their face designed as a skull or a jack-o-lantern, and it would make the party much more festive.

Now, when considering hiring a face painter, you need to think about how long you will need their services for. The average face painter can paint about ten to twenty faces per hour, depending on how complex the designs are, and depending on special requests. Full-face paintings take about five to ten minutes to paint, whereas cheek designs take only a couple of minutes for them to complete.

Face-painting is a fun, exciting activity to include at any party where children would be involved. They're great for children's birthdays, family reunions, team-building events, and class field days. You'll find that each child will be sporting a different, unique design and they will feel more confident and will have more fun as a result.