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Boise Bounce Houses

Being responsible to arranging a child's birthday party or social event can be a great, fun experience. Seeing how happy and excited the children get over being around kids their age, and engaging in exciting, physical activities is enough to warm anyone's heart. But if we're being honest, children these days can be pretty tough to entertain. With smart phones and computers being available to younger and younger children, it's getting more and more difficult to get children to focus on anything else. However, by presenting them with a fun and physical activity, it forces the children to put their devices down and have fun in a completely different way! A Bounce House is a great activity for any child's party because it is engaging, and overall, a fun, physical activity.

A Bounce House is a large, inflatable party! Surrounded by four mesh walls, and with a super-bouncy floor, a Bounce House is a great, fun, and physical activity for children to do at parties. And the greatest part is that they're completely safe! Because of the mesh netting surrounding the structure, there is no chance of any of the children falling and hitting themselves on a hard surface and potentially injuring themselves. That being said, there should still always be an adult supervising the Bounce House, in case too many children are in the Bounce House at once, or are being too rowdy.

Bounce Houses come in a great many sizes and designs, and some of special features added on to them. They can be anywhere from 13 feet long by 13 feet wide (with a capacity of about 8 children at a time) to 20 feet long by 15 feet wide (a capacity of 15 children) and bigger! They come in all sorts of different styles to fit the theme of your party. An extremely popular option is the castle for a Princess or a Knight themed party. Some more design options include a forest adventure, a pirate ship, any number of licensed character designs such as Toy Story, Frozen, or Minions, and these are just a small fraction of the wide variety of options available to you! Some even include extra add-ons, such as a slide that a child could go down from the inside of the structure, and some even have slip-n-slide functions! The possibilities have no boundaries, unlike the Bounce House, which, again, is completely safe!

One of the greatest thing about the Bounce House is the price tag. A twelve hour rental for a bounce house will rarely ever cost you more than $200, and even the nicest of the nice Bounce Houses will rarely, if ever, cost more than $300. With such a great price, and with twelve whole hours of endless fun for the children, how could you go wrong?