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Boise Balloon Twisters

As a mother, I know the difficulties of trying to throw a child's birthday party. After the first three years, you find yourself completely spent. It seems like no matter what you try, your child is terrified of whatever you try! You've thrown them a baseball-themed first birthday party with quirky slogans lining your home of “Robert's First Home Run” and your cousin got a world-famous baseball player to come over and sign autographs, you've thrown them a Minion-themed party, where you dressed them up like one of the minion characters and your brother Steve dressed in a Minion mascot costume, and one year you even got a clown. What was the common factor in all of these? Your child was terrified of all of them! They screeched in horror at the clown, they ran in fear from the Minion, and the lawsuit you're fighting off for where your child hit the world-famous baseball player will leave you in debt for the foreseeable future! So what on Earth is a mom to do? Well, believe it or not, I have found the perfect solution to this problem—a Balloon Twister!

Now you're probably asking, “A Balloon Twister? What's that, some sort of tropical storm?” Not even close. A balloon twister is the professional term for someone who makes animals and characters out of balloons! Ahh...see? Now you get it. “But wait,” you interject, rudely interrupting me, “Why would your child be okay with some stranger twisting around balloons being at their party if they were so scared of everyone else?” The answer is simple, dear reader. The clown, my brother Steve in the Minion costume, and the baseball player who was forced into an early injury-related retirement all had one common factor: they weren't giving my child anything. But a Balloon Twister is the perfect answer to this issue. Balloon Twisters, unlike clowns who actually do hold a similar skill set, do not dress up like they have something to hide. They're regular folks looking to make an honest living twisting balloons into the shape of giraffes or Woody from Toy Story. And that's a concept I can definitely get behind.

Now, when I first read a testimonial for this service, not dissimilar from the one you're reading now, on a website not dissimilar from the one you're on now, I was skeptical to say the least. How was I to know if my child would strike again, spiraling me even further into a pit of debt and despair? Well, the truth is, I couldn't be sure. So, I took the testimonial writer by their word and to my surprise my child LOVED the balloon twister. He kept going back to the balloon twister and requesting more and more animals. It got to the point where I had to cut him off from getting any more balloon animals, as the other children kept getting pushed to the back of the line and not getting a turn.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience that my child absolutely loved, and was absolutely not terrified of at all—that is until he inhaled the helium out of one of the balloons and thought he'd permanently sound like Theodore from Alvin in the Chipmunks. That was a stressful few moments.