Blackfoot Party Bus Destination Ideas

Some of our customers favorite dining options in Blackfoot.

A Guide to Blackfoot, Idaho's local dining scene.

In Blackfoot, it is all about the potato. In fact, they even have a Museum in town that is dedicated to the history of Idaho's potato industry. And while you are dreaming of potatos, don't forget to check out some of the fine dining establishments that we have highlighted below.

Rupe's Burgers

302 NE Main Street
Blackfoot, ID 83221-2329
(208) 785-5710

There is really nothing like Americana and that especially includes dining establishments. No need to dress up because casual is the name of the game here. This is what is best described as hearty and delicious fare and the prices are unbelievably low so don't worry about having to empty your wallet. The servings are generous and the staff is so pleasant to deal with, they truly treat all of their customers like family. Try the fish and chips, you will not be disappointed.


340 West Judicial Steet
Blackfoot, ID 83221
(208) 785-1377

Get ready for one of the most pleasant experiences that you have ever had. Everything that you see on the menu is made from scratch in the kitchen. Even the ranch dressing is homemade. And you really can't beat it when you can enjoy your food and learn something at the same time. The decor will teach you all you need to know about the history of the Idaho farm and cattle industry. They offer so many great entrees including Alaskan Salmon, steak, chicken fettuccine and even an awesome hamburger.

Tommy Vaughn's

850 Jensen Grove Drive
Blackfoot, ID 83221
(208) 785-6400

If you crave special and personal attention, then this is definitely the place for you because the owners are always walking around everywhere in order to make sure that every customer is having the ultimate experience. They pride themselves on being hands-on owners so don't be surprised if they stop by and talk to you about your experience. This place can handle any kind of group or even a more intimate setting. And if you need to catch up on a game, you will have ample opportunity.


1217 Parkway Drive
Blackfoot, ID 83221
(208) 785-2933

The owner of this establishment believes that customer service is the number one quality that should be emphasized at a restaurant. So, with that in mind, it is the goal of the owner and his staff that you leave completely satisfied about your service and food. There is something very special about a place where the staff actually seem to be happy about being at work and performing their duties. In terms of food, let's just put it this way, they really know how to cook barbecue.

Homestead Family Restaurant

1355 Parkway Drive
Blackfoot, ID 83221-1656
(208) 785-0700

Every day should always start with some great breakfast food. You can certainly find that here. The atmosphere gives you that country down home feeling and the staff truly aim to please you in every way possible. Everything listed on the menu which provides a nice variety is cooked to perfection. It is very hard to narrow down one choice from the menu to make a recommendation because it is all amazingly good. Don't be surprised when you have to have to take some food home, but what a bonus.

El Mirador

620 W Bridge Street
Blackfoot, ID 83221-2017
(208) 785-1595

We cannot say enough about the chicken nachos they server here. Talk about tasty and filling. Be forewarned, their menu is absolutely huge so you will not lack for variety. The chips and salsa always make for a great start but try not to fill up on them. Another amazing option are their fajitas. The cold beer and drinks are prefect to wash down the amazing food served. When you go for Mexican, let's face it, you want and deserve authentic fare and that is exactly what you will receive here.